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Food Safety for Food Handlers Course
(Also Available in Spanish)
Price: $10.00
  Ensuring Adequate Cooking Temperatures

This lesson covers why adequate cooking is required to kill most germs to make food safe, the adequate cooking temperatures for variety of foods, proper use and placement of the thermometer, and how to calibrate and keep a food thermometer clean.

  Preventing Bacteria From Multiplying

This lesson covers foods that will and will not support the growth of harmful bacteria, the food temperature danger zone, and proper methods to keep cold foods cold, hot foods hot, and the methods for properly cooling foods for later service to prevent bacteria from multiplying.

  Preventing Contamination

This lesson covers how contamination is defined, including the three specific types of contamination, identify measures that prevent contamination during receiving, storage, preparation, and service, and how to prevent contamination from people, utensils, equipment, other food, and the environment.

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